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Any fans who tuned in to watch the series premiere of How I Met Your Father may have caught a familiar face for just a second, but probably told themselves it was just a lookalike. However, it has been confirmed that Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester will play the recurring role of Meredith in the How I Met Your Mother spin-off. The number of episodes Meester is set to appear in has not yet been confirmed, but viewers can be assured that Meredith will return.

Meester appears in an extremely brief cameo in the premiere episode of the new Hulu original series, so momentary that even Meester’s biggest fans may have had a hard time realizing it was her, which may have been the point. Meester’s first appearance on the series consists of Jesse (Chris Lowell) explaining to Sophie (Hilary Duff) how the love of his life and former bandmate turned him down at a very crucial time. In this scene, the audience is treated to a video of Jesse down on one knee proposing to Meredith, who immediately denies him, causing the ill-fated man to not look where he was going while in a daze and fall off the stage.

How I Met Your Father serves as a standalone sequel to CBS’ smash hit, How I Met Your Mother, which ran for nine seasons from 2005 to 2014. In 2014, CBS passed on picking up a spin-off pilot starring Greta Gerwig called How I Met Your Dad, and after several attempts, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger were able to create How I Met Your Father, which has been picked up by Hulu for a ten-episode series that airs every Tuesday on the popular streaming service.


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“Gossip Girl” actor Leighton Meester is set to star in Netflix’s twisty thriller “The Weekend Away,” an adaptation of the novel by Sarah Alderson.

The psychological thriller takes place amid weekend getaway to Croatia that goes awry when a woman is accused of killing her best friend. As she attempts to clear her name and uncover the truth, her efforts unearth a painful secret.

Along with Meester, the cast includes “Batwoman” actor Christina Wolfe, Ziad Bakri and Luke Norris.

Alderson is adapting the screenplay, with Kim Farrant (“Strangerland,” “Angel of Mine”) set to direct.

“I am so excited to see ‘The Weekend Away’ make it to the screen,” Alderson said in a statement. “To have adapted my own novel makes it even more special, and I am thrilled that Leighton will be bringing this character to life.”

A prolific author, Alderson has published 20 books throughout her career such as the best-selling young adult novels “Hunting Lila,” “Losing Lila,” “The Sound” and “Out of Control.” Her other works include the mind-bending thrillers “In Her Eyes,” “Friends Like These” and “The Stalker.”

“The Weekend Away” marks Meester’s first film role in some time. Her recent feature credits include the 2019 crime drama “Semper Fi” and the 2014 indie drama “By the Gun.” On the small screen, she appeared in the sitcom “Single Parents” with Taran Killam and had guest roles on the sci-fi comedic drama “The Orville” and “The Last Man on Earth.”

Ben Pugh, Charlie Morrison and Erica Steinberg will produce “The Weekend Away” for 42 as part of their overall deal with Netflix. Kari Hatfield of 24 is executive producing the film.

Alderson is represented by UTA, literary agent Amanda Preston and Mady Niel at 42.


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I have add Graham Fought the Bones and the Bones Won Screencaps to our gallery.

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Hello I have add all episodes stills for season 1 to our gallery.

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I have screencaps for 02×01 Summer of Freedom to our gallery.

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